We are a professional Czech manufacturer of wound treatment products, surgical devices, rescue sets and other medical material.
We also provide a service of sterilization by irradiation.


Our product offer is outcame of long standing research and development. There are surgery and wound healing products or rescue sets. We always focus on superior quality, maximal expediency and real requirements of medical experts. Make sure by yourselves!

Wounds Treatment

We offer unique products for chronic wound treatments. In 2008 we were the first company to introduce a bioactive dressing on the basis of oxidised cellulose to the world market. In 2010 we introduced two new products to our range – Traumastem Biodress Comfort and Traumastem Biodress Disinfect.


Medical devices for specialists daily practice. Effective local bio haemostats from cotton-based oxidised cellulose ensure fast and effective haemostasia, usually within 1–2 minutes, and have antimicrobial effect. They helps with healing process, minimizes postoperative blood loss and complications and decrease costs of treatment. Haemostats from the Traumastem product range can be used in veterinary practice.

Stomatology and Stomatosurgery

For purposes of stomatology and stomatosurgery, there are two appilcations from Traumastem product range – sterile haemostatic dental cubes Traumastem NEW Dent and a resorbable haemostatic reticulum Traumacel TAF Light. Both products reliably provide fast and effective haemostasia.

First Aid Programme

Rescue sets contain medical material for giving first aid during crisis situation. The composition of rescue sets results for the needs of emergency medicine and each component is wrapped separately. A special cover from highly resistant metallised foil is suitable for demanding conditions.

Special Field Dressing Material

The special dressing material of company Bioster was developed for the needs of armed forces. Special packaging ensures a high durability of the product. It is resistant to water, war gas, dust, bacteria or fungi. Our products is used by professional soldiers of The Army of the Czech Republic.


For drivers and carriers requirements we have prepared special offer. Our car first-aid kits correspond to new ordinance of the Transport Ministry n. 283/2009. From our product portfolio you can choose many others. We are producing Isothermic foils, special field dressing, splints, single application sheets and others.


ISO 13485:2016

16. 8. 2022

Dear customers,

allow us to inform you, that we successfully passed the recertification audit. Bioster a.s. is fully in compliance with ISO 13485:2016.

ISO 9001:2016

16. 8. 2022

Dear customers,

allow us to inform you, that we successfully passed the recertification audit. Bioster a.s. is fully in compliance with ISO 9001:2016.

PF 2021

20. 12. 2020

With thanks for the pleasant cooperation, we wish you a successful New Year filled with peace and happiness. BIOSTER, a.s.

Bioster a.s.

Our company, located in Veverská Bítýška, specializes in the production of medical preparations, e.g.:

  • Products for chronic wounds
  • Surgery
  • Medical devices for stomatology and stomatosurgery
  • Special field dressing material
  • Rescue sets (first aid)
  • Other medical material

Our company also provides the unique service of radiation sterilization.

For many years we have been cooperating with academic departments and focusing on our own scientific research, development and innovation. We are certified by European standards and all products have CE mark.