Car first aid kit type II

Mandatory equipment for vehicles for collective transport of people
Car first aid kit type II. is a mandatory equipment for vehicles providing transport of people from 9 to 80 seats. It is designed to give first pre-medical aid and we supply it in a plastic case or tube, into which is the refill placed. The structure of car first aid kit corresponds with the new content of car first aid kits in compliance with the regulation of Ministry of the Transport of Czech Republic No. 283/2009, which changes the regulation No. 341/2009 An advantage of tube kit type II is the possibility to hang it on the wall, also the content is separated into three packages according to the expiration date. This system significantly prolongs the life of the whole kit and reduces costs on its renewal. After some packages expiration date it is not necessary to buy new a complete first aid kit, but only the particular pack.
Expiration:Max. 3 years
Weight:briefcase - 930g, briefcase refill - 710g, tube - 660g, tube refill - 590g, tube - package 1 - 270g, tube – package 2 - 370g, tube – package 3 - 70g

Package 1 – dressing material
Ready-made dressing with  1 padding
Ready-made dressing with s 2 paddings
Triangular bandage
Surgical gloves in the cover
Leaflet with instructions how to proceed in case of car accident

Package 2 – other medical material
Plaster smooth, spool 2,5 cm x 5 m
Plaster with padding 8 x 4 cm
Rubber bandage adjustable 6 x 125 cm
Resuscitative mask with expiratory valve and filter
Plastic drape 20 x 20 cm
Isothermic foil

Package 3 – metal scissors
Metal scissors, length 15 cm