Traumastem Biodress Comfort

Sterile resorbable dressing and non-adhesive absorbent dressing
Traumastem Biodress Comfort has the same therapeutic effect as Traumastem Biodress. Besides the bioactive resorbable dressing it contains non-adherent layer and highly absorbent pad.Traumastem Biodress Comfort cleans and regenerates the wound base and starts and accelerates granulation and epithelization process.

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Indication: Traumastem Biodress Comfort is designed for treatment of acute, chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. It is suitable for treatment of chronic wounds which have not been showing signs of healing for a long time, are coated, exuding and painful.
Dimensions:ioactive dressing 10 x 10 cm, non-adhesive absorbent dressing 16 x 16 cm