Traumastem Biodress Disinfect

Bioactive resorbable dressing and non-adhesive absorbent dressing with antimicrobial effect
Traumastem Biodress Disinfect is a unique dressing for infected, non-healing, chronic wounds – it contains the antimicrobial substance chlorhexidine 0, 2 – 0, 5% by weight, decreasing microbial load. Traumastem Biodress Disinfect consists of the bioactive dressing Traumastem Biodress, non-adherent layer with chlorhexidine and highly absorbent pad. The dressing is designed for the treatment of infected acute, chronic and hard-to-heal wounds. Bioactive dressing 10×10 cm effects significantly metabolic and biochemical processes in the wound and actively effects re-vitalisation of damaged tissue on the basis of its ability to inhibit the matrix metalloproteinase, to activate fibroblasts and to increase the quantity of growth factor. Thanks to these features Traumastem Biodress Disinfect creates an environment stimulating the healing process.

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Indication: Traumastem Biodress Comfort is designed for the treatment of infected wounds, wounds non-healing for a length of time, are coated, exuding and painful.
Dimensions:ioactive dressing 10 x 10 cm, non-adhesive absorbent dressing 16 x 16 cm