Traumastem Biodress H-Gel

Unique gel dressing with antimicrobial effect
Traumastem Biodress H-Gel is a sterile medical device used for treatment of acute and chronic wounds, dry and secerning coated defects, non-healing wounds or other topical wounds. Thanks to unique combination of hyaluronic acid and oxidized celulose ensures ideal moist enviroment for the healing process for acute and chronic wounds, helps with regeneration of tissue cells and stimulate the healing process of the wound. Traumastem Biodress H-Gel has signifiant hydrating, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative effect. • Hydrating effect of Traumastem Biodress H-Gel is caused by ability of hyaluronic acid to bind water and therefore contribute to perfect hydration of the wound. Optimal, moist microenvironment in the wound helps cell division, ensures transport of nutrients, metabolism in the skin and suppresses effect of surrounding harmful factors on the skin. • Traumastem Biodress H-Gel has analgesic and calming effect on the wound and its surroundings, helps the healing of tissue without scars and has excellent anti-adhesive effect. • Proven antimicrobial effect of Traumastem Biodress H-Gel participates significantly in reduction of inflammatory processes. • Since there is a combination of substances natural for the organism, Traumastem Biodress H-Gel is well tolerated and its usage does not cause any adverse allergic reactions. Optimal enviroment for wound healing process Right in the intercellular space H-Gel binds large amounts of water and creates an optimal moist microenvironment that promotes cell division, transports nutrients, metabolism in the skin and suppresses the action of harmful factors on the surrounding skin. The H-Gel also has antimicrobial effects and contributes to the reduction of inflammatory processes. Its excellent anti-adhesive effect also accelerates granulation and epithelization of the wound and thus prevents formation of scars Important declarated features • perfect hydrating ability • ensures optimal moist enviroment in the wound • analgetic and calming effect • antibacterial effect • does not cause any adverse allergic reaction in the organism Application Dress the wound by a standard nurse procedure. Perform the wound sanitation (rinse the wound and If needed, apply poultice solution and treat the wound surrounding, i.e. with indifferent paste). Apply a ideal amount (0,5 cm) of Traumastem Biodress H-Gel on the wound, cover with suitable secondary non-adhesive dressing and fixate with hydrophilic bandage. We recommend re-dressing the wound 1× in 12–24 hours or according to doctors recommendation. Traumastem Biodress H-Gel can be used in the long term. H-Gel is applicable for hospital, ambulant and homecare treatment.

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Weight:30 g