Traumastem TAF

Resorbable reticulum with higher weight and absorbency
Traumastem TAF is a resorbable haemostatic reticulum with higher weight and absorbency. It is suitable for a wide range of surgical operations, especially for operations of parenchymatic organs in abdominal and thoracal surgery, endoscopic outcomes and robotic surgery. Traumastem TAF is designed to stop massive diffuse capillary and small venous bleeding. Traumastem TAF has significant antibacterial activity, contributes to the acceleration of biochemical processes and enhances the healing process.

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Indication: Traumastem TAF is suitable for use in general and digestive surgery, plastic surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedic, gynaecology, urology, stomatosurgery and other related fields.