Traumastem POWDER

9. 10. 2023… Sterile resorbable haemostatic powder made from oxidized cellulose has a wide range of uses. It is intended for professional use in operating rooms or in outpatient service as well as for use by semi-professionals and laymen.

Examples of professional use Operating rooms: Lung, liver, digestive tract surgery, vascular surgery, gynaecological procedures. Bleeding during tracheal preparation during tracheostomy, after childbirth, bleeding from the umbilical cord in new-borns. The endoscopic applicator enables mini-invasive procedures, including laparoscopic ones, e.g. cholecystectomy. It is also suitable for use in robotic surgery. Outpatient service: Treatment of injuries, superficial bleeding, minor outpatient surgical interventions, bleeding after removal of birthmarks, bleeding after cannula insertion during haemodialysis. Also suitable for veterinary use.

Examples of layman's use Accidents in production facilities, prisons, army, schools, at sports matches. The practical small packaging of individual pieces is suitable as part of first aid kits.…