Sterilization By Irradiation

Radiation services of the company Bioster have been in operation since 1973. The technological equipment was supplied by Atomic Energy of Canada (today Nordion International) – one of the world´s producers of radiation stations.

What can be sterilization by irradiation used for?

  • Sterilization of medical devices
  • Irradiation of museum exhibits (e.g. woodworm extermination)
  • Adjustment of plastic
  • Glass colouring (darkening)
  • Treatment of covers for food, drugs and veterinary preparations
  • Treatment of spices and herbs, food, drugs and veterinary preparations

Gamma radiation does not cause any secondary radiation with irradiated material and therefore it is even suitable for the treatment of food, drugs etc. Radioisotope Co60 is used as the radiation source and our radiation station is the holder of ISO 9001, EN 46001 and ISO 11137/1,2,3 c­ertificates.

Four main advantages of sterilization by radiation (compared to other types of sterilization)

  • It is possible to sterilize materials with an unstable temperature.
  • Products can be sterilized in their final package (sterilization of whole pallets).
  • Possibility of immediate use of sterilized products (the radiation process does not cause secondary radiation, therefore no need of airing).
  • We guarantee the qualification of the sterilization process (we keep a record of obtained sterilization dose with radiated material).

We offer a wide range of services

  • Consultancy and evaluation of the product material´s su­itability for radiation.
  • Recommendation of the best setting of products in group packaging for sterilization.
  • Supplying of standard cardboard boxes for sterilization.
  • Sterilization itself upon customers request.
  • Consultancy and cooperation with sterility confirmation – it is possible to make a validation of the sterilization dose by ISO 11137.

Technical information

We irradiate by the sterilization dose 25 kGy. We use two types of sterilization cardboard boxes:

  1. 45×45×45 cm
  2. 45×45×30 cm

For irradiation of products in final packaging in different sizes we use Al containers – inner size is 43×43×90 cm.

Quality and services range

We perform validation of the sterilization process in compliance with ČSN EN ISO 11137/ 1,2,3 and we are the holder of quality certificates by ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. We have permission to produce and sterilize human medical devices and veterinary healing preparations

Table of limited weight

Box size Maximum weight Minimum weight
45×45×45 cm 18,5 kg 3,5 kg
45×45×30 cm 12,3 kg 2,3 kg  
Al container 43×43×90 cm 27 kg (container content) Not stated


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