As a traditional Czech producer of medical device we have been meeting long-time and satisfied customers in many fields. Based on oxidised cellulose, Traumastem range products for wound treatment and surgery are used in hospitals, by specialists, general practitioners and home-care agencies as well as old people´s home.

The Army of Czech Republic as well as EU armed forces prefer special field dressing material.

The first aid kit programme serves mainly firemen, rescuers, but also transporters and mining industry.

Our products are used in many households when giving first aid, treating chronic wounds as well as common injuries.

First aid car kits are frequently used by drivers of cars and trucks

The medical devices produced by our company are used by medical staff in many countries on several continents and we successfully work on development of cooperation with other countries.

The radiation station offers to customers a complete service of sterilization by irradiation to customers. Producers of medical devices use this service for sterilization of various materials, e.g. surgical gloves, transfusion sets, dressing material and others. Producers of plastics, electrical insulation or cables also belong to our satisfied customers. The sterilization by gamma radiation is suitable for treating of artistic or historic objects, ceramic and glass.

The company Bioster has a long-term cooperation with academic institutions, research institutes and medical departments. Our highly qualified research team puts emphasis on development of own research and continuous innovation of products.

    • Charles University in Prague
    • Palacký University Olomouc
    • Vysoká škola Báňská of Ostrava
    • Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague
    • Brno University of Technology
    • Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
    • St. Anne's University Hospital Brno
    • Faculty Hospital Olomouc
    • The Faculty Hospital Na Bulovce
    • University Hospital Hradec Králové
    • Hospital Podlesí, a. s.
    • Private dermatology-cypridology clinic DOST