Using Innovated Traumastem Biodress in Chronic Wound Treatment

12. 7. 2011

In spring 2009, during the treatment of chronic wounds, I tested a sterile, resorbable, bioactive dressing Traumastem Biodress. I already introduced my experience with this dressing in combination with Hyiodine in the summer issue if this magazine for nurses. This combination proved successful; only a necessity of using another overlying dressing of the wound was a disadvantage. We tested several various materials but we were not a hundred percent satisfied with the result. Using the sterile square dressing, it was necessary to exchange them more often, which resulted in financial impact but also it was more work for nursing staff. Modern materials with a high absorbency did not need to be exchanged that often, however the financial demands were not acceptable.

Using Traumastem Biodress and Traumastem Biodress Disinfect in Wound Treatment

12. 7. 2011

Traumastem Biodress is a sterile, resorbable dressing from natural oxidised cellulose. It is a modern dressing for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds (chronic leg ulcerations, press ulcers, burns, traumas, etc.). The dressing helps granulation and ephitalisation of the wound and already after 2 weeks the wound area is reduced, i.e. with leg ulcers.

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