Traumastem NEW Dent

Sterile haemostatic resorbable cube
Traumastem NEW Dent haemostat is a sterile resorbable material from the group of Traumastem haemostats produced by the Bioster company for several decades. It is made from pure natural cotton by the controlled oxidation technology. Traumastem NEW Dent is a sterile haemostatic dental cube designed to stop post-extract capillary bleeding. In vitro studies which focused on the effect of oxidized cellulose on dermal fibroblasts proved that the oxidized cellulose leads to direct stimulation of the proliferation of fibroblasts and significantly increases their metabolic activity. High adsorbtion ability and great specific surface of the oxidized natural cellulose (cotton) contribute significantly to the process of haemostasis. After contact with blood the oxidized cellulose transforms into adhesive gel, which protects thrombocytes against washing away from a wound, which stops bleeding faster. It minimizes early postoperative blood loss and complications, has outstanding antimicrobial effects, and contributes to the acceleration of biochemical processes and facilitates the process of healing. It is fully biodegradable within 8 days from the application with no side effects. The effect of the cube is practically instantaneous, bleeding usually stops within 2 minutes after application. The cube is fully resorbable; however, it remains in the place of application at the doctor’s discretion. Its removal from the place of application after reaching haemostasis may result in NEW bleeding.
Indication: Traumastem NEW Dent is designed for use in stomatology and dental surgery especially as an agent used to stop bleeding after teeth extraction or during bleeding surgical procedure executed by dental surgeons, e.g. complicated surgical extractions, wisdom teeth extraction, soft tissues surgery, or to stop bleeding from soft tissues and other procedures in stomatology. The product may be applied to all age groups.
Contraindication The cube is not applicable into osseous lacunae or cystic cavities or when the jaw is perforated.
Dimensions:11,5 x 6 x 14 cm

100% oxidized cellulose