Traumastem TAF Light

Resorbable haemostatic reticulum with lower area weight, higher flexibility and adhesiveness
Traumastem TAF Light is resorbable, biocompatible, haemostatic reticulum to stop capillary and minor venous bleeding. It ensures fast and effective haemostasia within 1-2-minutes. Traumastem TAF Light has antibacterial effects, helps acceleration of biocchemical processes and enhances the healing process.

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Indication: Traumastem TAF Light is suitable for use in general and digestive surgery, plastic surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, gynaecology, urology, stomatology and other related fields. Its broad application range allows for use in traditional surgery, laparoscopy, robotic surgery as well as endoscopy. Traumastem TAF Light is suitable for stopping capillary, venous, minor arterial bleeding as well as to prevent bleeding in the early post-operative stage. Traumastem TAF Light can be used in all the ways of stopping diffuse haemorrhaging in the resection areas of organ parenchyma, muscles or circumscribed body cavities (such as small pelvis) without contraindications.
Dimensions:1,5x5 cm, 7,5x5 cm, 12,5x5 cm, 35x5 cm, 20x10 cm;10 pcs in a box